Thursday, 10 February 2011

Easy Scale Shredding Patterns

I have been searching around recently to find different patterns for playing scales and I found this simply AMAZING tool.

I can never usually be bothered to work out which note to play next in a given scale and I often find that I can't be creative when I have a scale chart in front of me. I pretty much just play the scale up and down.

But anyways, this tool I found is meant to be a guitar practice generator but it is so much more. You basically pick what you want out of 5 different options.
The first option is which key you would like the scale to be in, which is invaluable if you have no idea of music theory and need an idea for a solo.
The second option is which scales you want to include (major, minor, chromatic e.t.c.) which will define the emotion of the pattern
Third is the modes you would like. If you don't know what modes are, then they are just different flavours of a scale. Some modes are classed as happy and some as dark.
The fourth option is which string you would like the beginning note to be. This isn't necessary but it is useful for when your guitar is in a drop tuning.
The final option is the difficulty of the excercise, which is self-explanatory.

This generator teaches you valuable ways to play/phrase all the different scales and works as a solowriting tool. It is completely free of charge and can be found here:

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