Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Guitar Hero RIP

So, news has surfaced of the company behind Guitar Hero shutting down. The reason for this is that they don't see anymore money in the brand anymore and realising a new game would be a waste of money.
I completely agree, they have made a smart decision here. Where there are some of you that bought every single game and would buy the others that come out, I personally thought that they went a bit over the top with it.

Saying that, I really enjoyed Guitar Hero 2 + 3 and it was a change from the usual FPS/RPG (for me). It was/is the kinda game that you could play for ages and get amazing at it which just made me think that the time and effort people put in to learning to play a song on 'Expert Mode' they could have used to learn a song on a real guitar. But I am sure you have all heard 'that' argument before.

So, what were your best memories with Guitar Hero? and did you prefer it to Rock Band?


  1. GH3 was the best but the entire GH brand has long since run it's course. At least now it'll be a few years before somebody buys out the rights (which they most certainly will) and releases a GH 'Comeback tour'.

  2. I really hope they dont close down! I love guitar hero!

  3. I played Guitar hero 2 to death back on the PS2 I felt that 3 just didn't have as much charm or good interesting songs so i about gave up on the series at that point

  4. Rock band was better. GH2 was the best and GH3 was for noobs. End of story.