Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Practice Update 15/02/2011

So, I started learning 'Sound of Truth' and 'The Air I Breathe' yesterday on guitar. Today I have done more work on them and I have definitely improved with them.

I'd say that I have learnt about a third of 'Sound of Truth'. I started learning it about a year ago, but I never attempted to learn it properly because it seemed "too hard". In the end, nothing on guitar is too hard if you put enough time in playing slowly and accurately. I have the main riffs almost up to speed and I have started learning the solo which is going well too.

The other song 'The Air I Breathe' is going alright, but as usual, I tend to concentrate more on one song than the other and I have only learnt the first couple of riffs......It's a start!

After these practice sessions, I had a jamming session just to have some fun and I quickly managed to make a pretty decent and different sounding rhythm section for a possible song. Guess it just reinforces what I said yesterday.

Anyway, it is late and my fingers have blisters, Goodnight!


  1. awesome songs! thanks for sharing

  2. Good too know I'm not the only compsci nerd venturing into music. following

  3. are you going to post videos of yourself playing for constructive criticism?

  4. I will post videos once I have finished learning the songs :)

  5. Sick songs, I can dig it, dude.