Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Inspiration of Satisfaction

A few days ago, for a joke, i posted on this facebook event wall saying that three of the bands have names that sounded like they were named by a 'Warhammer 40k player's overpriced plastic model'. Harsh? maybe....but i did also mention that they were great bands and that i meant no offence to them.

I then got this wall post from a guy that I know who is playing with the bands at this event:

 I see where he was coming from and that was my response to it :/
Funny thing was that, when he said that they are 'better than I will ever be', it really made me psyched to practice and learn as much as I can, do well and get my satisfaction (as the title suggests), which probably isn't the nicest way to think, but I can't lie to my fellow bloggers.
So what do you think guys? was i being too harsh, or is there truth in what I say?


  1. if they cant take criticism then they wont go anywhere

  2. People like this, hmpf.
    I went to a school which taught a course called "Leadership", I swear almost half the year we learned how to take/give criticism.
    I'm glad for that.

  3. hah great blog, thanks for sharing. I'm following