Monday, 14 February 2011


After making my last three songs, the usual lack of inspiration ensued leaving me to follow my routine of leaving my guitar alone for a week or so while doing other things. I have always found that not playing the guitar is a great way to improve your creativeness when you return to it. When you play for a long time, you get stuck in the habit of playing the exact same way each time you pick up the guitar. If you leave it alone for a while, you will find that you take a fresher approach to playing.

This works a lot of the time, but after not playing for the last week or two and returning to it today, I realise that I will have to do the longer approach at finding inspiration. This involves covering songs that others have already written. It has been a while since I have covered a song (the last one being  'Like a Callisto to a Star in Heaven' - 'Trivium'), but I have an idea which styles of bands to learn from. I am going to cover As I Lay Dying's 'Sound of Truth' as well as All That Remains's 'Air That I Breathe' and possibly another song on the same style. These songs will challenge me, but it is exactly what I need, and I should be able to write anew after they have been learnt.


  1. just by reading your profile i already wanna follow you haha. I am actually listing to A Boy Brushed Red...Living in Black and White by Underoath right now! love it


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  2. You really remind me of a friend I once had, he loved music too...
    Will be glad to hear of your future adventures :)

  3. great love for music you have

  4. nice keep making the music i like it